Self-Testing Alarm

Arrowsmith & Grant have designed and engineered a specialised self-testing alarm system for ease of use for all staff.

The system is inbuilt into all of our blood fridges and plasma freezers to provide a fully compliant AS3864.2012 alarm system.

The system contains:

  • Paper chart recorder
  • Touch screen alarm panel
  • Self-testing peltier technology (self cooling and warming of the temperature probe)
  • External no voltage contacts for external monitoring systems
  • Independently powered
  • Keyed on/off switch

Other features

  • Current internal digital temperature display
  • High temperature alarm (>5.5oC; -27oC for freezers)
  • Low temperature alarm (<2.5oC)
  • Door open alarm (after 30 seconds)
  • Power failure alarm
  • Battery backup integrity check
  • Alarm mute option, re-alarming after <20 minutes

The alarm system utilises components that are readily available in Australia from local suppliers and distributors and Arrowsmith & Grant offer full support as well as regular maintenance and service throughout our own Australia wide support and distribution network.

When it's important think Arrowsmith & Grant.