Arrowsmith & Grant are a distributor for Pinnacle, an Australian engineering group that has designed and manufactured a range of Breast Milk refrigerators.

These units have been specifically designed to be in a maternity suite or room for easy access by parents to purposely store breast milk safely and reliably at 2oC to 4oC.

Although these units are not QCPP certified they are manufactured with the same features and to the same standard as the vaccine refrigerator range. All fridges have high and low temperature alarms, a door open alarm and can be connected to an external temperature monitoring system.

All of the breast milk fridges shown below utilise components that are readily available in Australia from local suppliers and distributors and Arrowsmith & Grant offer full support as well as regular maintenance and service throughout our own Australia wide support and distribution network.

When it’s important think Arrowsmith & Grant.

Breast milk fridges