Arrowsmith & Grant are a distributor for Pinnacle, an Australian engineering group that has designed and manufactured a range of vaccine refrigeration systems that are fully compliant with the requirements of the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) and the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines ‘Strive for 5’.

Arrowsmith & Grant are proud to support and distribute the Pinnacle brand of vaccine refrigerators, as they are excellent products that comply with our stringent standard of manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

The Pinnacle purpose built vaccine fridges have been designed in Australia for the uniquely variable Australian environments, including high ambient temperatures and tropical climates to ensure that the vaccine safe temperature range of 2oC to 8oC is always maintained during storage. All fridges have high and low temperature alarms, a door open alarm and can be connected to an external temperature monitoring system.

Arrowsmith & Grant are the only Australian company to supply vaccine fridges with the additional offer of a spatial distribution check, which assures the correct temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. Although this check is currently not required as part of the accreditation process we offer this service to provide the customer with absolute assurance of operational evidence of performance.

Examples of the various pharmacy and laboratory fridges available please click on the link: 

All of the vaccine fridges shown below utilise components that are readily available in Australia from local suppliers and distributors and Arrowsmith & Grant offer full support as well as regular maintenance and service throughout our own Australia wide support and distribution network.

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