Arrowsmith & Grant have pioneered, designed and engineered a specialised range of Rapid Plasma Freezers in conjunction with the specific requirements of the Australian Red Cross.

Our range of RPF (Rapid Plasma Freezer) units are designed to rapidly freeze whole blood or apheresis plasma to a core temperature of -35oC, within a time frame of 20 – 60 minutes depending on the quantity and type of product and they cycle chosen.

The freezing takes place between two refrigerated plates that press the product and create a large contact surface area. These plates cool to -50oC and contact cool the product rapidly.

Arrowsmith & Grant Refrigeration is able to remotely view and connect to these units for monitoring and to aid in problem-solving any issues as they arise. The units can also be fully operated and controlled off-site, for ease of use and assistance for the on-site users.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has Rapid Plasma Freezer units in their processing centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin.

There are 3 different Rapid Plasma Freezer units available:

  • RPF 20 (Single chamber, holds 20 packs, self-contained condensing unit)
  • RPF 50 (Double chamber, holds 50 packs, remote condensing unit)
  • RPF 75 (Triple chamber, holds 75 packs, remote condensing unit)

All of the Rapid Plasma Freezers utilise components that are readily available in Australia from local suppliers and distributors and Arrowsmith & Grant offer full support as well as regular maintenance and service throughout our own Australia wide support and distribution network.

When it’s important think Arrowsmith & Grant.

Rapid Plate Freezers