What is Spatial Mapping?

As per AS3864-2012 Part 2 3.8.3, a spatial map is required upon a new cabinet being installed, an existing cabinet being repaired/air flow changed (according to a list of major repairs within Part 2 of AS3864-2012) or if an existing cabinet is moved to a new location.

A spatial mapping test is a temperature distribution test. A NATA certified temperature data logger, with up to 16 probes is used for this task. According to our in house NATA certified spatial mapping procedure, we map the temperature distribution across the blood storage space, on every shelf, for a minimum of 8 hours, as per AS3864-2012.

If the blood refrigerator or plasma freezer passes this test, this ensures that the blood and blood products are always stored within the specifications stipulated in the Australian Standard.

This spatial map must be performed to the standard of ISO/IEC17025:2005.

Only companies that are compliant to this, and have passed the requirements for this testing certification within their scope of works, are able to perform this testing.

Follow the NATA website here to search for accreditation :